While Manhattan storage units are not that complicated, everyone wants to put in their two cents about what you should store and how you should store it. For worry-free storage units NYC residents can trust, take our advice and stay away from these really bad ideas.

1. “Set the boxes wherever you like. They’re not going anywhere.”

Yes, your items will stay put, but will you ever find them again? When little Johnny wants his train set that he hasn’t played with in 5 years, it would be helpful to have an idea where it is without sending in a search party. All it takes is a simple, basic drawing pointing out where certain boxes are in the mini storage unit to turn a day-long search into a quick trip.

2. “Just throw it in and shut the door. Who cares what it looks like?”

The logic of a ten year old will not serve you well in this case. You will eventually come back for your stuff, right? When that happens, you will have to step on and over things to find what you’re looking for. Somebody will get hurt or something will get broken, and tears will surely follow. Save yourself the grief and stack boxes neatly in your mini storage unit.

3. “You don’t need to protect the mattress. The rooms are clean.”

The clothes in the back of your closet are clean too, but if you pull out a shirt that’s been hanging there for three years, you’ll probably want to wash it before putting it on. While the Manhattan storage units at Chelsea Mini Storage are climate-controlled and safe from the elements, things can still get musty, so wrap your beds and furniture with protective coverings to keep them in perfect condition.

4. “Go ahead and store extra gas in your unit. No one will know.”

Storing gas is a bad idea on so many levels. Not only are there storage space NYC restrictions on combustible, flammable, hazardous and toxic materials, but the fumes alone could do a serious number on everything in your unit.

For more advice on storage space etiquette, call the friendly team at Chelsea Mini Storage at (212) 564-7735 today!