With average asking rents in New York City climbing to over $3500, people are finding more cost-effective solutions to maximize their apartment space. At Chelsea Mini Storage, we have found several unique alternatives for our mini storage in Manhattan that allow you keep your treasured possessions without living like a hoarder.

  1. You could create your own cozy library

Let’s face it, finding a quiet place to read in this city is not always easy. Plus, who has room for all of those extra books, anyways? Give your collection room to breathe by setting up your own reading room in a mini storage NYC unit. Once you add a comfy couch, some throw pillows, and a plush rug, you’ll feel right at home.

2. Closet space

With so many hot new fashion trends for summer out there, why are you letting your bulky winter wardrobe hog all of the closet space? Store off-season clothes in a clean and climate-controlled mini storage unit. You may also find the extra space useful for hiding all of those ugly sweaters your great aunt keeps sending your way.

3. Set up an artist’s studio

If the loud music from your upstairs neighbor is messing with your creative flow, just move your imagination into a storage space NYC-style. While a full-fledged artist’s studio may be well outside of your price range, you’ll have room to move away from irritating distractions, so you could end up creating the masterpiece that makes your career.

4. Find a place for grandma’s piano

Grandma’s grand piano has spent enough time doubling as a coffee table/laundry counter/spare cot for guests to sleep on. Show it the respect it deserves by finding it a new home in a NYC mini storage unit. Hey, with all of the clothes off the lid, you might actually have the chance to sit down and play it once in a while.

5. Keep Christmas presents away from crafty children

Do your kids always seem to find the Christmas present hidey-hole no matter how well hidden? No problem, just rent a storage space around the holidays and pile in the presents. This is also a possible solution for those “I saved more than I spent” shopping sprees or surprise birthday party supplies.