Good things come in small packages; truth is, good things come out of packages that have been well packed. Nothing like opening a box and finding everything in it broken or damaged—it’s such a frustrating experience. How you pack something, particularly if you are going to be putting it in a self storage unit for a few weeks or a few years, makes all the difference. 

Packing your items to put into a self storage unit to maximize space often starts with how you pack what you are putting in it. Some tips to consider:

  • Use sturdy and stackable boxes. Now is not the time to try to get the television to fit in a wrong-sized box. If you don’t have the original, many storage facilities have the boxes, tape, etc. available for purchase. It’s worth the small investment to keep your items from getting damaged.

Self storage unit

  • Make sure to label boxes on every side and, when putting boxes inside your storage space, make sure they are clearly visible to you. Don’t forget to put the heaviest ones on the bottom and work your way up.
  • Tape all boxes well on all sides; even if there is some tape on it already, go around it again. Pack boxes fully, filling the excess space with pillows or towels so items don’t shift, and you can put one box on top of another.

hen it comes to items that don’t fit in a box, think strategically. Store smaller items in dresser drawers, take feet and legs off of any furniture you can, put any hardware into a small bag and tape it to the furniture it came from. Think of packing your unit like doing a puzzle, taking care not to force something to fit, but utilizing every inch of your storage unit. Call Chelsea Mini Storage today at 212-564-7735 to learn more about how we can help you with supplies and more packing tips.