With the flowers starting to bloom in the garden and the days getting longer in New York City, it can only mean one thing – it’s spring cleaning time. There is something in the air that almost makes you want to freshen and tidy things up in your home, but where to start?  From the stuff packed in your closet to your children’s over-flowing toys, you know you have nowhere to put it, so start your spring cleaning by renting a mini-storage unit and getting organized.

Having a plan is key to a good spring cleaning, but here are additional tips to get you off to the right start:

  1. Have the proper tools on hand. In addition to tons of rags, mops, cleaning supplies, and a good vacuum cleaner, make sure you have boxes and tape, or plastic storage bins, in which to put away items you don’t immediately need as you clean up each room.
  2. Group your things into a keep, donate, or give away pile. Contact a self storage facility to purchase boxes and other supplies you may need to help sort. Label each box, and consider a sell box; there are tons of internet sites that can help you sell your unwanted items so your spring cleaning can make you money.
  3. Stay organized.  Carry a clipboard or take notes on your cell phone of what you’ve cleaned, where you’ve put things, and what still needs to get done, and make sure you save the checklist so next spring cleaning time you’ll know what you did and where you put it.

Storage Units

Have fun with it – throw open the windows, put your favorite music on, and get friends and family to help clean, even if it means paying for some pizza and everyone’s favorite cocktail. Don’t forget to call Chelsea Mini Storage at 212-564-7735 to ask about any specials on storage units, and more tips to get your house spic and span.