There is a whole new trend called tiny living, which involves people buying very small homes, purging what they don’t need, and trying to live more simply and minimally. It’s what many of us in Manhattan have been doing for years, maybe not as minimally as we should, but we definitely understand living in small spaces better than most. The key to doing this successfully is to be more organized in your home and have a storage unit to keep what you’re not ready to part with on the side.

Getting organized means arranging your things in a systematic way. That means you pretty much know where everything you own is and/or can find it in a labeled box. It isn’t difficult to do; it just takes time and a different way of looking at things.  Here are a few tips to get you on your way.

  • There is a difference between purging and organizing.  Think of it this way: Organizing is what you do after you have purged what you don’t want.
  • A home for everything. Finding a home for what you want to keep is imperative.  If it doesn’t have a place, it will sit on the counter adding to the clutter.  That may mean you don’t need two garlic presses or two of any kitchen gadget.
  • Rethink your cabinets and drawers.  It’s so easy to throw all your pots and pans in the drawer or all your bathroom items under the sink; as long as it closes, it’s fine, isn’t it?  There is so much more space in there if you fix it up with drawer separators or stacking racks, and you will easily be able to see where your iron cast frying pan is without taking everything out.

Many of us just think better when the house is organized. Simple tricks like making your bed make the whole room look more put together. We all know there are some things we are just not ready to purge or that we just can’t find a place for in our home, right now, but we still want them. We need some help—in the form of a storage facility.  Chelsea Mini-Storage to the rescue! With over 1,000,000 square feet of storage, we have the right unit for you.  Call us today to learn more at 212-564-7735.

Organizing Your Home