How to Live with a Roommate in a Small Apartment and Keep the Peace

Written by Chelsea on .

New Yorkers often find themselves sharing small apartments with one or more roommates. If you will be downsizing into an apartment that you will be sharing with a roommate, consider placing some of your items in mini storage. Renting a storage unit will allow you to keep your belongings safe, without having to crowd your communal storage areas. Let’s take a look at three tips for sharing a small apartment with a roommate.

Create a Plan Before You Move

Before you move into your apartment, you will need to communicate with your roommate about what types of furnishings each one of you is intending on bringing to the space. A small apartment will be extremely cramped if it is filled with two household’s worth of furniture. By dividing up your furniture and placing the rest in storage, you can avoid arguments over who gets to keep their stuff.

Place Collections into Storage

While you may intend on keeping your record collection or book collection for a lifetime, you may want to place your beloved collectibles into storage when you are sharing a small apartment. Taking up communal apartment space for collectibles could lead to a disagreement. Placing these items in storage will help you to keep the peace.

Share Cleaning and Other Chores

Along with dividing up how you will use your physical apartment space, you will also need to communicate about how you will divide up your daily and weekly chores. Creating a chore chart or calendar will allow you to equally divide up cleaning tasks, which may help you to prevent a future conflict.

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