Newly Married? A Guide to Blending Your Belongings

Written by Chelsea on .

If you’ve recently married and didn’t cohabitate before the wedding, one of the biggest challenges of being a newlywed may be blending your belongings. When two people are bringing all of their things together, from dishes to sofas, something has to give. Even if your styles are similar, having two of everything takes up a lot of space. Fortunately, you can tackle this first marriage hurdle with ease by using a few smart strategies and a storage unit. Try these tips to blend your belongings after the wedding.

Deal with Doubles

Start by taking inventory of the things you have doubles of and work from there to decide what should go. For instance, you don’t need two full dish sets or two living room couches. You may find it easy to decide which ones to keep and which ones to get rid of based on the condition of the items, but if both sets of belongings are in top shape and could come in handy in the future, move one set into a self-storage unit, so you can get it back out when you’re ready to use it. If possible, decide what is going into the home and what is going to storage before you move, so you don’t have to move things twice.

Look for Common Ground

Even if you and your betrothed have wildly different styles, you can still find common ground on which to build your new home. It could just be a color or a piece of artwork you both agree on, but that is enough to create a look you can both embrace in your new home. Your styles don’t have to match perfectly. The trick is to blend in ways that are interesting rather than jarring.

Use Vetoes

There is a good chance that each of you has a particularly strong dislike for a few of each other’s items. Decide on a number of vetoes you can each use to overrule items you simply want to leave behind. Two vetoes each is a good way to compromise.

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