Will It Fit? – How to Choose a Storage Unit Size

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 Extra space to store things could solve so many of the world’s problems. Well, okay—that might be a tad exaggerated, but it could be the answer to so many of your storage problems. Though you may have utilized every single additional space for storage in your New York home, you still need more, but the thought of getting a storage unit seems way overboard and, besides, you only have a few things you want stored. 

Here’s an idea: A storage unit is not just for when you are moving; it can be used throughout the year to store off-season items, suitcases, etc. It’s like the garage or shed you probably don’t have if you live in Chelsea or other parts of the city.

To get the most value out of your storage unit, know what you want to put in it, even if it means hauling it all out and stacking it together so you can see it and maybe measure how tall and wide it is. Often we think it’s only a couple of bicycles, a mattress, and some boxes, and when we start collecting it, it’s way more than was ever anticipated. Also, once you have identified what you are putting in the unit, you can start plotting out where to put things, like having the items you may want to retrieve regularly be closest to the door.

Many storage unit facilities offer a wide range of options in terms of size of units, security, self-storage, mini-storage, and even packing supplies to help get you started.  Knowing what you are storing will impact the size of the unit you need and its price.

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Chelsea Mini Storage has a wide range of units to suit your needs, from one that is 72 cubic feet which can house a bike, 8 to 10 boxes, and some suitcases, to 1600 cubic feet that can basically hold all the contents of a 2,000 square foot home. Our storage calculator can help you determine the perfect size for you.  Call one of our friendly staff today at 212-564-7735 to learn more about how Chelsea Mini Storage can be your storage solution.

Spring Cleaning Time Helped by Renting Storage Units

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With the flowers starting to bloom in the garden and the days getting longer in New York City, it can only mean one thing – it’s spring cleaning time. There is something in the air that almost makes you want to freshen and tidy things up in your home, but where to start?  From the stuff packed in your closet to your children’s over-flowing toys, you know you have nowhere to put it, so start your spring cleaning by renting a mini-storage unit and getting organized.

Having a plan is key to a good spring cleaning, but here are additional tips to get you off to the right start:

  1. Have the proper tools on hand. In addition to tons of rags, mops, cleaning supplies, and a good vacuum cleaner, make sure you have boxes and tape, or plastic storage bins, in which to put away items you don’t immediately need as you clean up each room.
  2. Group your things into a keep, donate, or give away pile. Contact a self storage facility to purchase boxes and other supplies you may need to help sort. Label each box, and consider a sell box; there are tons of internet sites that can help you sell your unwanted items so your spring cleaning can make you money.
  3. Stay organized.  Carry a clipboard or take notes on your cell phone of what you’ve cleaned, where you’ve put things, and what still needs to get done, and make sure you save the checklist so next spring cleaning time you’ll know what you did and where you put it.

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Have fun with it – throw open the windows, put your favorite music on, and get friends and family to help clean, even if it means paying for some pizza and everyone’s favorite cocktail. Don’t forget to call Chelsea Mini Storage at 212-564-7735 to ask about any specials on storage units, and more tips to get your house spic and span.

Storage Options Make Spring Cleaning Easier

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 It’s spring, and that can only mean one thing – spring cleaning! It means scrubbing off winter’s grime from rugs and curtains, and cleaning out closets stuffed with sweaters and heavy coats. It’s about getting a fresh start inside and out, but it also means spending time cleaning up and finding storage for all the items you won’t be needing, especially if you live in New York City where space is at a premium.

If spring cleaning is not an annual event at your house, and you are overwhelmed just thinking about it, here are some tips to help you get started:

  1. Change how you think about it – Instead of drudgery, think about this as an opportunity to re-evaluate what you own as you go room to room.  It’s the perfect occasion to de-clutter.
  2. Have the right tools on hand – Make sure you have ample cleaning supplies and boxes or storage bins to put the clothes or items you may want to put in storage unit, and check to see that your vacuum cleaner is in tip-top shape. Prioritize what needs to be done and which rooms or closets need the most attention, and start there. Set aside a weekend to spring clean or allot a certain amount of time for each room so it doesn’t become too much of a chore.
  3. Reorganize, renovate, and repurpose – Now is a great time to lighten up the décor in your home.  Recover pillows, replace the bedding, re-organize bookcases, and re-think anything that offers no room for storage.

Storage and Spring Cleaning

The sense of accomplishment from a good spring cleaning should not be underestimated, so relish in a job well done and maybe even reward yourself. Don’t forget to call Chelsea Mini Storage at 212-564-7735 to see how we can help you by providing storage solutions for your spring cleaning items.

The Joys of Organizing and Living Simply

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There is a whole new trend called tiny living, which involves people buying very small homes, purging what they don’t need, and trying to live more simply and minimally. It’s what many of us in Manhattan have been doing for years, maybe not as minimally as we should, but we definitely understand living in small spaces better than most. The key to doing this successfully is to be more organized in your home and have a storage unit to keep what you’re not ready to part with on the side.

Getting organized means arranging your things in a systematic way. That means you pretty much know where everything you own is and/or can find it in a labeled box. It isn’t difficult to do; it just takes time and a different way of looking at things.  Here are a few tips to get you on your way.

  • There is a difference between purging and organizing.  Think of it this way: Organizing is what you do after you have purged what you don’t want.
  • A home for everything. Finding a home for what you want to keep is imperative.  If it doesn’t have a place, it will sit on the counter adding to the clutter.  That may mean you don’t need two garlic presses or two of any kitchen gadget.
  • Rethink your cabinets and drawers.  It’s so easy to throw all your pots and pans in the drawer or all your bathroom items under the sink; as long as it closes, it’s fine, isn’t it?  There is so much more space in there if you fix it up with drawer separators or stacking racks, and you will easily be able to see where your iron cast frying pan is without taking everything out.

Many of us just think better when the house is organized. Simple tricks like making your bed make the whole room look more put together. We all know there are some things we are just not ready to purge or that we just can’t find a place for in our home, right now, but we still want them. We need some help—in the form of a storage facility.  Chelsea Mini-Storage to the rescue! With over 1,000,000 square feet of storage, we have the right unit for you.  Call us today to learn more at 212-564-7735.

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Step By Step Process Of Getting A Storage Unit

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 Congratulations! You finally made the decision that you need to rent a storage unit in Manhattan – now what? Education is the key, because understanding the difference between a mini-storage unit and  a self-storage unit, and knowing what you will be storing, will help determine what size unit you need and what amenities you need a storage facility to offer. The good news is that this is not a difficult process, but it is an important one, so here is a step by step plan to help you select the perfect unit for you.

  1. Know what you want to store.  The size of the unit you need and the amenities you would like to have on hand depend on whether you are storing something like your childhood trophies or antique furniture. You also want to consider for how long you want the unit – months or years?
  2. Do your research. Go online to see the storage companies in your area, compare them, and find the ones that have the size unit you think you need.
  3. Make the call.  Once you have narrowed down your list, call the company and ask questions. Most of the more reputable facilities are happy to speak with you to help provide solutions. Ask if they have climate-controlled units, gates with access codes or other security features, and, finally, discuss pricing, payment options, and other incentives or discounts they can include.
  4. Go visit. Set up an appointment with multiple self-storage companies that meet your criteria. Seeing is believing.

Having your own storage unit gives you the flexibility to rotate items in your home, store holiday decorations, or any other items that may need a temporary home. You get to retrieve anything you need when it’s convenient for you, and it’s simple to do.  Call Chelsea Mini Storage at 212-564-7735 and let our friendly staff provide you with personal and knowledgeable service to help get you renting a storage unit today.

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