When you reside in NYC, mini storage can be at a premium—not just in how many units are available, but in how much they will cost. There is a myth in order to find a cheap storage unit in New York, you’ll have to leave Manhattan Island. We are proof that there are cheap storage units available in the heart of the city. We are easily accessible by public transit and offer safe and secure storage just blocks away from Madison Square Garden and Penn Station. We’ll even pick your stuff up for you if you want to explore that option.

Please use the map on this page to see how close you are to our storage units, or type your address into the search bar under the map to get directions. We look forward to meeting all your Manhattan storage needs at affordable prices!


subway mta-c to 23rd and 8thmta-e  to 23rd and 8th

subway mta-a to 34th and 8th  to 34th and 8th

subway mta-1 to 23rd and 7th  to 23rd and 7th

subway mta-f to 23rd and 6th  and path to 23rd and 6th PATH to 23rd and 6th

subway mta-7 to 34th and 11th West Side  to 34th and 11th West Side extension is planned for 2013

Bus & Shuttle

mta-bus M23  M23 goes cross-town on 23rd and stops at 24th and 11th

mta-bus  M11 goes uptown and stops at 23rd and 10th; downtown on 9th and stops at 23rd and 9th