Important Advice from our Storage Concierge

How do I become a tenant at Chelsea Mini-Storage?

There are three simple steps:

  • Make a reservation. You can do this by submitting a storage inquiry or by calling our sales office directly at (212) 564-7735. Provide the Sales Consultant with as much information as possible about the items you are storing and we’ll not only provide with several options but we’ll let you know about out unbeatable Promotional Discounts.
  • Schedule your move. If you want to take advantage of the 4 Free Hours of Moving call us at (212) 564-7735 so that we can schedule your pick up date and take all of that move-in day stress off of your hands.
  • Move on in. When you arrive you can speak to our Storage Concierge who will estimate the exact size to meet your needs and show you the storage unit that will be home to your property while you are a tenant. Then you will complete all of your storage paperwork at the front desk. Some people even stop by prior to their move date to save time and get a better idea of the move-in process.


Do I need to make a reservation?

  • It's always recommended that you do, especially if you are looking for a specific size, but you can stop in at any time and sign up for 1 of our 100 different size rooms. Unlike other storage companies we will ALWAYS have the size that you need. If for some strange reason we do not then our commitment is to offer you the next size up for the same price!!
  • If you decide to make a reservation, our Storage Consultant will provide with several options and let you know about out unbeatable Promotional Discounts. We will also give you as much information as possible about our Moving Service. Take the stress out of your move and let us move you. You will receive 4 Free Hours of Moving!


What will I need to bring with me to rent a room?

  • One form of Photo Identification.
  • 1 of our accepted forms of payment (Cash, Check or Major Credit Card).
  • The first month's rent plus a refundable security deposit and a key padlock (locks are sold at the facility for $9 each).


Can I change my reservation size on the day I move in?

  • Yes! In over 30 years of business we realize that our client’s Plans can sometimes change. Unlike any other storage company we provide you with over 100 different available room sizes. This means that we will always able to rent you a larger or smaller room than the room that you 1st estimated.  


Will my items be safe when I move in?

  • As we are home to thousands of New Yorkers as well as many Art Galleries, Museums, Law Firms, Antique Dealers, etc. security is 1 of our main priorities. This is how we can ensure the utmost safety and security for your property:
    • Fully alarmed and sprinklered facility.
    • Our storage rooms are constructed with heavy-duty steel and secured by your lock. You keep the key!
    • State-Of-The-Art Sonitrol Computerized Central Alarm System.
    • Controlled entry Sign-In and Sign-Out logs with roaming Security Guards.
    • Resident on-site manager.
    • Life and Fire Safety Director on-site at all times.


Are my belongings Insured?

  • This is Self Storage so you are responsible for the items you store with us. If you have homeowner's or renter's insurance there is a great chance that you may already be covered. We suggest that you check with your provider to be sure. You can also purchase an alternative protection plan through MiniCo. This information is provided when you sign the storage lease and is a very affordable option.


How do I pay my monthly rent?

  • We will send you out a Statement, if you owe a balance, 14 days prior to your due date each month. We will also provide you with a 10 day grace period before charging a late fee of $15 to get us your payment as many people travel throughout the year.
  • You can avoid late fees by paying in advance or signing up for our Auto Pay system.
  • If you do not want to participate in our Auto Pay system you can either mail in a check, pay by credit card over the phone, set up recurring payments through your bank, or simply pay in person when you visit your space.